In software development we talk about products in a number of phases of production. The most famous of these are ‘alpha’ and ‘beta’.

An ‘Alpha’ product, is a version which is still in development. It could be a prototype, it could be incomplete, it could be nearly complete, but it is not yet ready for people to use.

A ‘Beta’ product is one which is viewed as complete, but limited. It may be unproven. It may contain options that still have not been finalised for the finished product. It may be great at everything it does, but missing a few final pieces. A Beta is a test version: it is the latest, possibly greatest version of a product that anyone outside of the production team can get their hands on.

The Rentr app is a relatively new product, approaching an age-old problem in a completely new way.

For the first ‘Beta’ version we targeted the very first part of the lettings cycle: connecting Landlords and their Properties with potential Tenants and helping all parties check each other out – through property viewings, application forms, referencing and guarantees – before they sign a contract and hand over keys.

But there is so much more that we have planned for Rentr to improve in the future.

And we are always hungry for feedback from you: the person whose life we are hoping Rentr will make easier…please give us feedback, hints, tips, requests, advice and comments so we can continue to make DIY Letting a simple, straightforward, mobile reality.

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