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Terms and Conditions for Rentr Referral Program

  1. Eligibility
    • The referral program is open to all registered landlords (LL) on the Rentr app.
    • The referred individuals must be new users who have not previously registered on the Rentr app.
  2. Referral Process
    • Referrals must be made using the unique referral link provided on the Rentr app’s referral page.
    • The referred landlords must click on the referral link, download the Rentr app, and complete the registration process.
    • Referred landlords must complete the registration process by validating their mail address on the Rentr app to be considered valid referrals.
  3. Reward Criteria
    • The referrer will receive a 50% discount upto £50 on their next service purchase within the Rentr app after 3 successful referrals.
    • A referral is considered successful only when the referred landlord completes the registration process by validating their mail address on the Rentr app.
    • The discount will be automatically applied to the referrer’s next service purchase once the three-referral milestone is achieved.
  4. Reward Redemption
    • The 50% discount is applicable only to service purchases within the Rentr app.
    • The discount is non-transferable and cannot be exchanged for cash or other benefits.
    • The discount must be used within six months from the date it is awarded.
  5. Tracking and Notification
    • Referrers can track the progress of their referrals and rewards on the main referral page in the Rentr app.
    • Rentr will notify the referrer via email/SMS when the discount is applied to their account.
  6. General Conditions
    • Rentr reserves the right to modify or terminate the referral program at any time without prior notice.
    • Any fraudulent activity or misuse of the referral program will result in disqualification from the program and potential account suspension.
    • By participating in the referral program, users agree to comply with these terms and conditions.
  7. Limitations
    • The referral program is subject to local laws and regulations. Any disputes will be resolved under the jurisdiction of the relevant authorities.
    • Rentr is not responsible for any technical issues or failures that may prevent participation in the referral program.
  8. Contact Information
    • For any questions or issues regarding the referral program, users can contact Rentr customer support.