One of the many useful property management tools available from the Rentr app is the ability to create and sign contracts with tenants conveniently through your tablet or smartphone.

This especially useful as the importance of having an assured shorthold tenancy agreement or other tenancy agreement in place, and indeed signed before a tenancy begins, cannot be understated.

Here, we look at why this is the case and exactly how Rentr can make contract signing simple.



A tenancy agreement form is more than just a formality, it’s a hugely important document which clearly outlines the terms and conditions you and your tenants agree to adhere to. Just some of the areas this covers can include:

  • The amount of rent payable and when it’s to be paid
  • The length of the tenancy
  • What responsibilities the tenant has in terms of repairs and upkeep to the property and surrounding gardens
  • The tenants obligation to pay their bills
  • Rules on pets (whether or not these are allowed)

While there are some occasions where a verbal contract can be agreed, the simple truth is these must be signed for them to be considered legally binding documents. Along with this, by having evidence of the tenancy agreement it means that all the above points and more which you might have included in the contracts, are clearly laid out.

This ensures that should you encounter any issues or be challenged by a tenant over you can refer back to what was agreed when the tenancy agreement form was signed. Equally though, the signed form will also protect the rights of your tenants as well.


As previously mentioned, one of the features the Rentr app offers is that it allows private landlords draw up contracts and get them signed electronically. This is ideal for independently managing your flats or houses as you don’t need to wait on others to do this for you, like you would if you used the services of letting agent. Furthermore, you don’t need to pay them to do this either, so you’ll be saving money.

To return to a key point, getting a secure contract signed before a tenancy begins, is an essential part of your property management. So afford yourself the protection your property needs quickly and conveniently by using the Rentr app.

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