Property management apps bring landlords into the 21st century

According to data from the Office for National Statistics, last year in the UK ’22 million households (84%) had internet access’ with ‘91%’ of these having ‘fixed broadband internet connections’.

Moreover ’38 million adults (76%)’ accessed the internet every day. What’s even more astonishing is how much this usage has changed in the last decade alone, as in 2006 only ‘57%’ of households had internet access. Also in 2010, only 24% of people accessed the internet via their mobile phones compared to the ‘58%’ recorded last year.

With such statistics and the widespread use of smartphones and tablet devices, it’s a fair assumption to say that as a society we’re quite used to receiving information quickly and easily. This then could be why apps have been such a success, as their easy use, accessibility and indeed variety certainly fits in with modern consumer attitudes.


So just imagine having such convenience when it comes to something like property management. With the new Rentr app for private landlords, you don’t have to. In this blog post, you can discover how this pioneering new app is bringing landlords, and indeed the rental markets, into the 21st century.

Property management tools on the go

Whether it’s listening to music, booking holidays or finding your way around a city, apps are championed for offering great services at the touch of a button. Rentr works in the same way and features the property management tools you’d get from a letting agent all from your smartphone or tablet device.

Not only does this afford private landlords the freedom to work at a time to suit them, as you’d expect from an app, it’s also fast and easy to use. The features on offer include:

  • The ability to create adverts to market your properties on a number of property websites at once
  • Being able to create appointments for viewings with prospective tenants at a time convenient to you
  • Receiving updates on tenant referencing and keeping hold of your MyDeposits certificate number for quick and easy use
  • Using contract templates to create documentation and sign these with electronic signatures

Along with this, tenants who use the app can enjoy the same features, as well as being able to get in touch with you directly. Also it’s essentially like a forum for landlords to share advice and information about their private lettings, which can be very useful for inexperienced or accidental landlords.

The obvious advantage here is private landlords can save a great deal financially by doing all this themselves with the Rentr app, instead of having to pay the fees to use the services of a letting agent.

Matching the changing face of the PRS

According to a recent Government report which looked at changes in the UK rented sector over the last five years, the Private Rented Sector has grown substantially. It states how it has ‘grown and improved enormously in recent years and accounts for approximately 16.5% of all households, or nearly 3.8 million homes in England.’

The efficiency Rentr provides with private landlord lettings is the perfect option to keep in line with this expanding market. This is because it can provide your flats and houses greater exposure in this increasing sector and help give your portfolio the advantage over the competition.

Where to find Rentr

To make the most of this app, visit where you can follow a simple two-step process to sign up and download the app for IOS or Android.

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