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How to Find Properties for Rent by Private Landlords

If you’re looking for a new property to rent that’s managed by a private landlord, finding listings can be easier said than done. This is because, unlike landlords who use the services of a letting agent, listings can be found in a variety of different places. In this article, we look at all the advantages of renting from an independent landlord and where you can find listings for private rental properties.

What is a private landlord?

You might be wondering, what is a private landlord and how do they differ from a ‘normal’ landlord?

First things first; it’s worth knowing that the majority of landlords do not use a letting agent so the concept of a ‘normal’ landlord being one with an agency-managed property is quite outdated! It also highlights the importance of knowing where to find privately rented properties, seeing as they make up such a big chunk of the market!

A private landlord is simply a landlord that manages their property themselves, taking on all the tasks and responsibilities without employing a middleman.

This may seem like a small detail; it’s their property you live in and how they run it shouldn’t make that much difference. However, there are advantages to renting a property from a private landlord that you may not have considered before.

What are the advantages of renting from a private landlord?

While operating through a letting agent is the more traditional route for a landlord, it does not automatically make it the better method. Here are the 3 key benefits of renting a property from a private landlord:

Faster process than a letting agent

If you rent a property from a private landlord, you’re not at risk of a slow response from letting agents. They act as the middleman every step of the way, which can really draw things out!

When you have direct communication with your landlord, you’re not relying on someone in an office to pass on your message if you are trying to report an issue with the property or discuss the terms of your tenancy.

Enjoy a better relationship with your landlord

Having a direct line of communication with your landlord never hurts when it comes to renting. If you have a friendly relationship with them, you are more likely to be considered to continue your tenancy in the property and problems will always be easier to resolve. Building this relationship is always easier without someone sitting in the middle.

With a private landlord you’ll never experience changes in staff – the person you speak to about your home will always know you, know the property, and have both as a top priority!

Cheaper rent

When a landlord does not have to pay the fees of a letting agent, it allows them to offer cheaper rent on their properties without missing out on income. Everyone wins!

So, knowing where to find privately rented properties offers the potential for faster processes, less stress and lower costs.

Read on to find out how to get a nicer property for less!

Where to find private rental property listings

Now that you understand what a private landlord is and the advantages of renting an independently managed property, we’ll dive into where you can find these coveted listings.

Property Portals

If you’ve searched for rental properties in the past, chances are you’ve started at property portals, such as Rightmove and Zoopla.

They can be an enormous help, bringing all the local listings together.However, being the go-to place for letting agents to advertise means that the competition for these properties will be quite high.Chances are that dozens of people will apply to view them and you could be I for a whole lot of frustration before you even get started!

Fortunately, websites like these are not the only places to look, especially for properties rented by private landlords.

Social media

Private landlords look for places to advertise their properties that give them a competitive edge over letting agents. A place they can do this effectively is on social media platforms.

Social posts have a significantly higher reach than most forms of advertising, which means that the listing is more likely to catch the eye of someone looking for a property.

Some platforms you may want to look at first include Facebook Marketplace, Instagram and Twitter.

Facebook also features private online groups for local areas, like villages and towns that operate as a sort of digital notice board, where residents can post notices or questions about local services.

With this in mind, it can be extremely beneficial to your property search to join one of these local groups to enquire about properties or keep an eye out for landlords posting a listing.

The variety of features on social media means that many listings are of a higher quality when compared to rental sites. This may include detailed video tours, giving you a better sense of the property on offer.

Landlord apps

Another great way to find rental properties advertised by private landlords is through the use of landlord apps, like the world’s first powered by AI – Rentr.

A landlord app is designed to simplify the management of multiple properties and keep track of the various tasks and responsibilities of a landlord, which includes handling property marketing and listings. More and more private landlords are using such apps in place of letting agents, making an app the perfect place to find the right property and landlord for you.

Not only does it allow you to find rental properties easily, it also means that you are arranging a viewing with a private landlord directly. A quicker and simpler process to find the right property at a lower price. Need we say more?

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