How do I arrange viewings for my private rented property?

A very important part of your property management when you have private properties to rent is arranging to have prospective tenants come and view them. By letting people physically see the flats or houses you have available you not only increase the likelihood of occupying them much faster, you also get to meet the prospective tenants in person.

By using the Rentr property management app, you can arrange these viewings yourself, instead of having to pay for a letting agent. Here you can find out just how Rentr works and how you can use it to arrange viewings with tenants quickly and without any expensive fees.

How does Rentr work?

You can sign up and download the Rentr app today from onto your smartphone or tablet. When you do, you’ll find a number of features within the app which cover the property management tools and services you get from a letting agent, including arranging viewings.

Rather than having to work around the business hours of a letting agent or having to wait to hear back from missed calls, messages and email chains, with Rentr you can communicate more effectively.

The app allows you to message tenants who also use the app directly, and, has an in-built appointment management system. Subsequently, your bookings are much more flexible and you can organise these at a time to suit you; perfect if you’re an accidental landlord who needs to work around a second job or a busy personal life.

Other added benefits

Much like other apps, Rentr offers a very user-friendly interface, so you don’t need to be concerned if you’re a new or accidental landlord who lacks experience in private lettings.

On top of this, Rentr has other features that you can use to your advantage. Once a viewing is over, the person(s) viewing can leave you feedback on what they thought. You can then use this information to inform you on whether or not you can improve or change your property to make it more appealing. Also you can count the number of views your property is getting on the Rentr app, which again can give you an idea of how attractive your property might be.

So, download the Rentr property management app and not only can you enjoy the convenience of organising viewings when you want, you can save yourself a great deal of time and money.

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