How Do I Advertise the Property I’ve Inherited?

If you’ve just inherited your family home, or the home of a family member and have decided to become a private landlord, then it’s time for the hard work to start. Renting out a property can be a good investment, but it can also be difficult to find tenants if you fail to do the basics well. In this blog post, we look at how you can advertise the property you’ve inherited and how to effectively market it to increase the chances of finding good quality tenants.

Advertise and market your property through Rentr

You can advertise your property through Rentr, the new DIY lettings app that’s designed for independent landlords. By making Rentr your ‘go to’ app for everything lettings related, you’ll be able to write and post ads on numerous sites, create text and posting images as well as book viewings with tenants.

Marketing and advertising your property with Rentr is simple, but how do you make your ad stand out? Here are our helpful hints and tips.

Photograph it professionally

If you can afford it, ask a professional to photograph your property, as they can make your property look at its best, using the right angles and lighting. By using sharp, bright images taken with high quality equipment (not on a camera phone), you can make your property look warm and appealing.

If your property has what’s known as ‘kerb appeal’ then use an external shot as the main image, but if not, then choose the room that’s most enticing, because you’ll need to ‘wow’ tenants who are quickly scrolling through sites. Do ensure to take as many photos as possible, so have one of the exterior and at least one of each room.

Include a floorplan

Pictures are useful for showing prospective tenants the state of the property, but to help them properly visualise living there, you should include a floorplan that lists the dimensions of each room. The benefits of this are twofold: 1) tenants will gain a better understanding of the property and its dimensions, knowing whether their possessions will fit. 2) Due to this, only tenants who are really interested in the property will view it, meaning your time isn’t wasted showing others around.

Provide a comprehensive list of internal features and white goods etc.

Within the advert you should outline everything that comes with your property, such as the central heating system and any white goods within the property. Most unfurnished properties still come with white goods, and many tenants view fridge-freezers and dishwashers as an added bonus. Likewise, remember to list the contents of the bathroom suite. Most tenants want to know whether it comes with a shower or a bath before viewing.

Tell them about the local area

Most people looking to rent a property will be unaware of the local area and its amenities, transport routes etc. Within your advert, tell them, as this will make the area, as well as the property, seem more appealing. In addition, remember to add the postcode for those looking on Google Maps. You can even add a map directly to your advert if it’s really appealing.

Prices and conditions

Finally, ensure that your advert covers essential prices and conditions such as the monthly or weekly rent (depending on how you’re charging). This should also include how much of a deposit is required upfront and when the property is available to let from. Rentr puts all this information straight into your property advert from the property details you save onto the app.

If you have any other conditions such as no DSS, students or pets, then also ensure that they’re clearly listed.

There we have it, if you’ve inherited a property, then Rentr is the perfect place to start your advertising, marketing and listing. By following the hints and tips to good advertising, you’ll increase your chances of finding a tenant for your inherited property quickly. Good luck with your listing.

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