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Rentr provides easy and convenient access to professional standard services

While it might not always feel like it, letting a property is a business arrangement, and Rentr believes all Landlords and Tenants should have access to the best professional business advice and services.

Lettings is a regulated industry, and Landlords and Tenants should take steps to ensure you have the best legal protection and professional assurances available.

A let property is a home, an investment, a valued and valuable asset for both personal and financial reasons.

Rentr makes it quicker, easier, and more inexpensive than ever before to take steps to reassure you at every stage of the process.

The Rentr advertising service links Landlords and Tenants directly to each other so they can be in touch via the Viewings area of the app. Rentr lets you know when your advert gets you an enquiry, and allows you to organise and confirm a date and time to meet the tenant and view the property. The Rentr Property Assistant can walk both you and your tenants through the process for a single small fee.

Request and track tenant referencing

Rentr has partnered with HomeLet to bring professional-standard Tenant Referencing directly to your mobile device.

Landlords can simply tap the button next to Tenant details on any Application Agreement Form to request a reference for any tenant or guarantor involved in a tenancy application. The HomeLet Enhance product covers a full background check and gives Landlords a formal referencing report. Landlords and Tenants can track their status and view the HomeLet report direct from the Rentr App.

This is a third party professional service from HomeLet, and they contact Tenants directly, ensuring that Tenants control the supporting information they submit to complete the reference.

Rentr landlords are able to access professional tenant referencing from HomeLet easily and at a low cost

A service worth hundreds of pounds easily accessed and tracked from the Rentr App, providing you with the assurance that your tenants will be able to make their share of the rent.

Direct, secure, transparent and thorough.

The Rentr App takes the hassle out of letting directly to Tenants and looking after your rental income. Vet tenants,
sign contracts, stay on top of legislation, easily track finances, report and handle maintenance issues, and manage communications with Rentr.