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When you take a deposit on your property, UK legislation requires you to register that deposit with a government-authorised tenancy deposit protection scheme within 30 days.

These schemes are designed to enable landlords in England and Wales to take and hold a deposit for the duration of the tenancy, and comply with the law.

Over 100,000 landlords use mydeposits: successfully protecting more than a million deposits.

At the moment Rentr Landlords have mydeposits as the built-in option: named as the authorised holder of the deposit registration. With mydeposits registration you hold the deposit in your bank account for the duration of the tenancy agreement meaning you keep control.

Rentr makes it easy to know what to do: the Tenancy Agreement provided for free in the Rentr App lets both Landlords and Tenants know where and how to contact mydeposits. They will issue a certificate once the deposit is registered, and the Rentr App itself records the certificate number and reminds all parties to complete this important legal requirement.

Deposit payments and returns are tracked by Rentr against the Property Accounts: included on the tenancy rent schedule. Both Landlords and Tenants sign off when the deposit has been taken and returned, and Rentr provides a useful record for future reference.

Direct, secure, transparent and thorough.

The Rentr App takes the hassle out of letting directly to Tenants and looking after your rental income. Vet tenants,
sign contracts, stay on top of legislation, easily track finances, manage communications with Rentr.