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Rentr makes it easy for tenants to propose their terms of tenancy

The Rentr App helps Tenants propose a Tenancy Agreement from a Viewing with a single click: once the Viewing is complete you can use the ‘Create Application’ button to start a Tenancy Agreement Form straight from the Viewings screen.

Landlords can always enter Tenant details directly into the Rentr app from the ‘Applications’ menu by clicking ‘Create Application’. Rentr starts the Tenancy Agreement Form and contacts all the prospective Tenants to login to the Rentr App and review those details.

Rentr allows the Landlord and Tenant(s) direct control over the tenancy details, making it swift and easy to agree terms and move to contract signing.

Simple, straightforward, diligent and right at your fingertips, Tenancy Agreement details can be reviewed, amended, updated, or rejected direct from your mobile phone.

Rentr connects directly to an online Right to Rent service for the legal document checks, and if the Landlord elects for Tenant Referencing Rentr keeps you in touch, updating your Referencing Status in the app.

Landlords and the Lead (or First) Tenant use Rentr to negotiate the rent amount, how often rent is to be paid and tenancy start date. Both can easily propose co-tenants by adding their email id, and everyone can request or add guarantors (if required), along with information on the proposed rent shares to their personal part of the form.

The Landlord approves the negotiated terms, then all Tenants need to accept them before the landlord finalises them. Each Tenant has their own part of the form for their personal details, including rent share, that they and the Landlord need to agree between them. Once everything is complete, the whole Tenancy Agreement Form is Approved for tenancy by the Landlord.


Direct, secure, transparent and thorough.

The Rentr App takes the hassle out of letting directly to Tenants and looking after your rental income. Vet tenants,
sign contracts, stay on top of legislation, easily track finances, manage communications with Rentr.