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Manage Your Rent Account Using Rentr

Rentr contains a powerful accounting suite. Version 2.0 of the Property Accounts enables Landlords and Tenants to use the Rentr App to stay up to date with the rent schedule, and to record payment transactions.

For new tenancies, Rentr sends out rent reminders and payment notifications: Tenants are reminded when their rent is due, while Landlords can quickly stay on top of any arrears from the Accounts Dashboard.

Simplify your Annual Accounts with Rentr.

Tenants can use the Rentr App to notify their Landlord when they have made a payment, or to send a message. When a payment is made, the Rentr App allows Landlords to quickly confirm the monies have been received.

For currently let properties, Landlords can choose whether to bring their tenants on board or not: Rentr will only send out rent reminders to tenants who have been invited to use the app.

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Rentr keeps track of and provides all-important reports on all payments relating to each property, providing statements of account for Tenants and profit and loss statements for Landlords, including contractor payments and other costs against the property.

Direct, secure, transparent and thorough.

The Rentr App takes the hassle out of letting directly to Tenants and looking after your rental income. Vet tenants,
sign contracts, stay on top of legislation, easily track finances, report and handle maintenance issues, and manage communications with Rentr.