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Property Management and Maintenance Made Easy

The Rentr App contains everything you need to make property management easier than ever before.

Tenants can use their Rentr App to report a maintenance issue, a problem with the property or contents, or any other concern quickly and easily, and can include photos to show their Landlord exactly what the problem is.

Rentr notifies the Landlord of the maintenance issue, and gives them quick and easy steps to categorise it, to add and share any notes and comments, to assign it to a contractor – if required – and to arrange a time with the Tenant for someone to visit the property and remedy the issue – if necessary.

Rentr keeps the drama out of a property crisis

Instead of a flurry of phonecalls and text messages, Rentr allows you to keep all communications between Landlords and Tenants in one place, and gives all parties access to records of each issue and what was done to resolve it making property management a streamlined process.

Landlords and Tenants can also simply record any costs against the accounts Rentr keeps for their property, or their tenancy, increasing transparency and storing vital information in one place.

Tenants can use Rentr to quickly and easily record and report any problems with the property, and Landlords receive the details and report directly into the app. It is easy to review, make notes, and assign a contractor to get things done, and Rentr keeps a virtual paper trail for all parties to refer to, if needed.

Record your Property Details in the Rentr App: the address, the rent, and when your property is available. Add information to a dedicated ‘Advertising’ area to make for a better and more attractive advert: make your short address a ‘headline’, highlight features, and write summary and long descriptions of your property.

Take, organise, and store property photos using the camera on your mobile device, or select them from your camera roll, letting prospective tenants see your property for themselves. Define your marketing options: set an ‘advertised rent’ and a date you want to start marketing the property from.

You can simply tap a switch to activate your advert at Rentr manages all enquiries for you, converting leads from the advert into prospective tenants who request Viewings from you simply and easily using the app. All communications are tracked and managed, and you can choose a date and time that suits you, and even book it into your mobile calendar once you are done.

If you want to extend your reach, simply flick the switch for one or more of our external advertising portals and our Rentr Agency Services partner will review the details you have saved to be sure your property looks its best. Your Rentr Property Assistant will be in touch to confirm the advert and will manage tenant enquiries for you, all for the one small fee.


Direct, secure, transparent and thorough.

The Rentr App takes the hassle out of letting directly to Tenants and looking after your rental income. Vet tenants,
sign contracts, stay on top of legislation, easily track finances, report and handle maintenance issues, and manage communications with Rentr.