The eagerly awaited Rentr desktop version is here!

Why customer communication and feedback is key?

Having come from a customer service background with years of industry experience I have seen the difference to a business that providing a high standard of service can make both in terms of customer relationships and trust, and in turn sales and revenue. Rentr is no different. Even though Rentr are providing an easy to use, fully functional App for landlords and tenants for direct communication and letting we strongly believe that in listening to our users and reviewing the needs of our customers we can (and have so far) provided the best value product that technology can offer.

The Rentr App, initially only available via mobile and tablet, is the leading lettings and property management software solution for landlords to have full control over their properties and tenants to communicate directly with their landlords, which they may not be able to do when using the services of a traditional agent but so often want.

The background

More than 3,000 Landlord and Tenant users have downloaded the DIY APP and registered with Rentr, many of whom are keen to find out more about this fast paced, evolving technology and desperate to quickly view their property status and accounts on the move. But in reality, how easy is it to manage your initial property set up from a small touchscreen mobile device? Whether you are a property investor with 50+ properties to look after, a keen new landlord or property manager with a small but growing portfolio, or reluctant landlord with one property to let for the first time around, we understand that you may want to be able to upload files or photos saved on your laptop and use the mobile device when on the move or at the property.

Having spent the last 6 months speaking to our users to obtain key feedback on App usability, content, and features we also asked the vital question: “What do you feel is the one thing that needs to be added to Rentr which is currently missing?”. The feedback received has been surprisingly consistent and we have listened! Out of 111 landlords contacted, one in five stated that a desktop version allowing log in via their web browser and syncing alongside the mobile device would be their priority, and we agreed, therefore Rentr have made this happen.

Landlord Mr Jones said: “I use mainly spreadsheets currently for managing my properties. I go entirely paperless with an app but would run both alongside each other. It would really help if I could access Rentr from my Desktop.”

Landlord Mr Walker said: “I found it hard to upload photos from my phone and would want to be able to do this on my computer”

So, let Rentr make it easy for you…

Rentr have launched the eagerly awaited and frequently requested desktop application allowing users to log in online, which provides every single function on the app from the comfort and familiarity of the your computer browser, allowing access to work from home, the office and everywhere in between.

Of interest, the other main request from user feedback was “more advertising portals” as suggested by 25% of Landlord users. Rentr announced earlier in February its partnerships with Rentr Agency Services who are able to provide to Landlords marketing on RightMove and, along with viewings management. We have built this relationship with Rentr Agency Services so that the marketing choice can be selected and paid for in app, making it straightforward for our Landlords. These enhanced marketing options, along with Rentr’s own property portal and property search mean no other standalone property management app in the UK offers such choice or the complete solution that Rentr does.

Co-founder and Director, Adam Blaxter adds: “We have spoken to many other private landlords who have not quite been ready to go fully mobile, this website launch is the natural progression.”

“We wanted to build a great platform for direct and agency services to allow private, DIY landlords to access the same technologies as letting agents and to be able to access it whenever and wherever required. Each individual can choose the elements that suit their personal circumstances so they can choose how much they rely on letting agents or their own resources.”

Access the web application and log in to you account easily from the Rentr Website and press ‘Log in’ on the top banner.

As always we are keen to hear your thoughts and opinions so if you have any further feedback please dont hesitate to contact or call 01926 343999 and help us to make Rentr the one stop shop for private lettings and property management.

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