The Advantages of Letting from a Private Landlord

There are a wide range of different advantages to renting your home from a private landlord, as opposed to an agent. Here we take a look at the top five benefits of choosing to let with a private landlord.

More Property Available

When you’re looking to rent, there are many more property options for renting with private landlords. You can therefore find somewhere relatively quickly by looking at newspaper adverts, on websites like Gumtree and on noticeboards. With a private landlord, you don’t have to join a waiting list like you might with a letting agent either.

Deal with the Landlord Directly

Having a direct conversation with the landlord is always much more productive than trying to communicate through a third party. You can negotiate on price and terms much more successfully if you can talk to the landlord directly, and once you’ve moved in, showing that you’re a good tenant will be easy, and will benefit you in the future as you develop a relationship with them.

This is particularly good if you have, or want to have, a pet, as talking directly with the landlord will make it easier to convince them that there’s nothing to worry about.

Cheaper Rent

Private landlords may offer cheaper rent, because they don’t have to pay an agent to take care of the tenants for them. They may also do this because they want to attract more tenants than the local letting agent, and will therefore undercut them.

However, you should always make sure that you are getting a good deal by taking a look at the rent in the same area for similar properties and comparing them.

Credit Checks

While landlords will still do credit checks, they may not be as harsh as letting agents may be, and, tying in with the first point, you can talk to them and convince them that you’re trust worthy, whether that’s by paying a high deposit or by explaining your circumstances.

It’s Quicker

Private landlords are likely to be quicker than a letting agent, so if you’re in a hurry, then letting with a private landlord might be the best way to go. Landlords are unlikely to have to deal with more than one property at one time, so the admin work will be reduced, and you should be able to move in as soon as you like.

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