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On the 20th October 2015, the Government announced a new obligation on all English landlords to check and store documents that show their tenants have the right to live in the UK.

Following a trial in the West Midlands that has been in progress throughout 2015, the new rules state that from the 1st February 2016, all Landlords will have to check that their prospective new Tenants have the right to rent and the right to reside in the UK.

This rule only applies to Landlords with properties in England.

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Landlords are required to check the relevant documentation of their Tenants and to make and keep copies of each document in order to comply with the rules and prove that they made the checks.

Landlords that fail to check a perspective Tenant’s eligibility will face penalties of up to £3,000 per tenant and more recently, also a prison sentence.

Rentr will make it easy for Landlords and Tenants to stay legal and avoid penalties by introducing easy functionality to make the checks and store the Tenant’s documents.

While many Landlords and Tenants are concerned about the impact of the new rule, the Government’s intention is for the new process to be a smooth and easy one for those with legitimate reasons to stay in the UK; they should be able to prove this easily and will not be adversely affected.

This is the idea in principle, in practice Landlords are expecting a new burden of paperwork to take up their time.

Rentr will introduce you to the simple Right to Rent solution Checkdocs to cover the required right to rent checks in a future update to the Rentr App, ensuring that complying with the new rules is truly as easy as possible for our Landlords, and their Tenants.

The Government introduced right to rent in the Immigration Act 2014, part of a series of reforms intended to underpin a fairer and more effective immigration system. It was first introduced in the West Midlands, which formed the beginning of the scheme’s national roll out.

These rules were also introduced to deter anyone illegally residing in the UK.

The new Immigration Bill works on making it harder for people to live and work in the UK illegally. The Bill helps Landlords to evict illegal Tenants easily and also helps to highlight Landlords who repeatedly fail to carry out right to rent checks.

The reason the scheme was first introduced into the West Midlands was to allow for enough time to assess how the measures work in practice. The implementation and evaluation of the scheme was worked on by a panel consisting of the Equality and Human Rights Commission, representatives of letting agents and landlords, Crisis (a homelessness charity) and local authorities.

Landlords in the West Midlands area will need to continue making the checks as they have been since the 1st December 2014.

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