How to Conduct Successful Viewings with Existing Tenants

When you’re looking to rent out your property for the first time, you can have complete control over the how the property looks.

When you have someone living in your property, it’s a different story. You might not have been in the property for a while, you don’t know whether it will be tidy, etc, which may result in prospective Tenants being put off.

Here we take a look at the ways that you can increase your chances of letting your property when you already have people living there.

1. Tell Your Existing Tenants

Try to give your existing tenants as much notice as possible when you have an appointment for viewing. Turn up unannounced and you risk an untidy, unclean property, and potentially tenants to match. Remember that even though they are moving out, for the time being, the property is still their home.

This way, your existing tenants will be able to prepare the property as best they can, make you aware of any potential issues (such as someone might be asleep when you’re there because they’re on nights, for instance) as well as decide whether they want to be in for the viewing.

2. Cultivate A Good Relationship

This is a good idea on many levels, but when it comes to new tenants, a good relationship with your existing tenants means that they can help in the decision making process. Some landlords offer monetary compensation if the current tenants help with viewings and feedback to the landlord, as well as making sure the property is in good repair when they do conduct viewings. Doing this also helps prospective tenants understand the landlord, which puts the new landlord-tenant relationship off to a good start.

This means being prompt in communication and resolving issues because tenants will pass this sort of information on.

3. Postpone The Viewings If You’re Not Happy

If you inspect the property on a regular basis, then you’ll be aware of the state of the property. If you think that your current tenants habits aren’t quite up to scratch, or your landlord-tenant relationship isn’t a good one, then hold off the viewings until they have left.

You can then retake control of the property before you let it out again, and start afresh with the new tenants. However, you will lose out financially if you do this.

The main point to take away is in order to be successful, both when you have existing tenants and you’re looking for new ones, is to have a good relationship. This will make your life as a landlord easier in so many ways, but particularly when you’re in need of new tenants to rent your property.

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