How do I make my private properties to rent stand out?

The buy-to-let market is hotly competitive. In a crowded market, it can be difficult to attract tenants to your property and arrange viewings; however Rentr can help you with both of these things.

As a private landlord, it’s understandable that you want your properties to let as quickly as possible, protecting your investment in the process.

In this post, we look at how you can increase your chances of attracting tenants to your properties and ways in which you can make them stand out in a crowded market.

Blank canvas

Portraying the home as a blank canvas can have a large psychological effect on tenants. If you have a freshly and neutrally decorated home, then it’s far easier for any prospective tenant to imagine their possessions in the home. Contrastingly, if you have bright and vibrant walls then it can be off-putting for tenants who cannot imagine their furniture in the room and cannot picture living there.

By keeping it neutral, it’s far easier to attract tenants, as none of them will be put-off by any colours they dislike. It may seem like a small change, but it’s one that can make a big difference.

Easy to manage garden

Gardens are a great selling point for any letting. However, when planning the garden, you’ll want to ensure that it’s relatively low maintenance. Many tenants will not want to spend too long renovating and looking after a garden. For this reason, keep it simple, a grassed area and a patio with surrounding hedges will make the property look great without taking up too much time in upkeep. It should only need a mow every so often.

With a useable and attractive garden, your property will stand out from others on the market; especially those who’re not making full use of their outside space.

Lets for pets

If you’re open to having pets in the property, then it’s best to be explicit about it early on in your advertisement. Very few properties allow for pets, in spite of pets being owned by 13 million households (that’s 45%).

By allowing pets, you’ll provide your property with a USP that helps set it apart from its competitors. Remember, if you’re nervous about allowing for pets, then you can exclude certain types of pet, or you can even charge a little extra rent or ask for an additional deposit.

This, of course, may not be a practical solution depending on the type of property you’re letting, but it’s worth considering to make your property stand out to pet owners who don’t want to part from their furry friends. After all, they’re part of the family.

Renovations and white goods

Likewise, in a crowded market, anything that can make your property appear superior to others is advisable. For example, if you’ve had recent renovations, installed a new boiler or have had new white goods delivered to the property, then it’s wise to mention these as it could give your property the edge if a tenant is pondering over a number of options.


Feeding into the above, it’s likely that new white goods or a new boiler would make your property more efficient. Many people are now becoming eco-conscious, so having an eco-friendly property may make it more appealing to certain tenants. If this is a market that you’re looking to cater for, then it’s also a good idea to look at eco-friendly bulbs and other eco-conscious products.

There we have it, simple ways that you can make your private properties for rent stand out in a crowded market. Some of these options may not be perfect for you, but consider them all carefully. Any advantage you have over your competitors could lead to a quick letting that protects your investment. Also remember that, by marketing your property through Rentr, you’ll be able to attract plenty of tenants and arrange all of your viewings through the property management app, making the whole process as simple as possible.

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