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3 Reasons You Should Market Your Property on the Rentr App

So, you’re a landlord with a property ready to rent. You’ve decorated and made the place presentable and carried out all the necessary legal checks to make sure it’s safe for your tenants to move in. But what’s next?

Usually at this point, you might think your only choice it to turn to a letting agent to assist you in listing the property on the market and finding a tenant.

But why employ the expensive services of a letting agent when you can just as easily market your property yourself? And for free no less!

The new Rentr app, is a comprehensive renting platform that helps you with marketing, renting and managing your property, saving you the cost and hassle of a letting agent saving you time and money.

Amazing features on the Rentr app

In 2022, 65% of landlords ditched the expensive and time-consuming services of letting agents. Rentr was born to fill that gap.

With a range of features at your disposal, the Rentr app allows you to reduce stress, admin and keeps all your rental properties and documents and conversations in one place. You can message tenants directly inside the app and keep track of communication.

Here are the 3 key features of the Rentr app that will make your life as a landlord (and your tenants’ lives, too!) easier:

Manage advertisements yourself

Once you are happy that your property is ready to place on the market, you can launch the Rentr app, its intuitive interface means it’s easy to upload the details and photo’s of each property.

To start with, simply click the status of your property: whether it is ready to rent now, or if it is available in the future.

From there, you can fill in the details, including the address, a description of the property, the property type and how much rent will cost.

Even if you aren’t looking to advertise your property at the moment, you can still add it to the Rentr app and begin managing it through the Rentr app, providing quick visibility of all properties and a convenient connection between you and your tenant.

Once you have uploaded all the details and photographs of your property, you can then select which platforms you want your advertisement to appear on, as well as how often you would like your advertisement to be shown.

Get your property ad seen by seen by the UK’s largest property audience.

Potential tenants will be able to view your property through Rightmove and the Rentr app itself.

When searching through Rightmove or the Rentr app for rental properties, potential tenants will be able to find yours by selecting a range of filters to narrow down their options to exactly what they want to see. These filters include:

  • The type of property (flat, terraced, semi-detached, detached and bungalow)
  • Furnished or non-furnished
  • Rent price range
  • Number of beds
  • Number of bathrooms

Our Rentr shortlist system allows tenants to narrow down their favourite choices, meaning that a well-presented property will find itself favourited, and you’ll have significantly more

potential tenants to choose from.

Organise viewings

The aim of the Rentr app is to lighten the landlord’s loads, which means we don’t just stop at advertising your property.

With the Rentr app, you can also communicate directly with potential tenants to arrange viewings. Tenants can book to see your property through the app, without the hassle (and cost!) of having to coordinate with a letting agent.

Market your properties independently with the Rentr app

If you’re looking for quick and easy way to market and managing your rental

property, look no further than the Rentr app! With everything you need in one efficient,

free-to-use app, why waste time and money employing an expensive letting agent? With Rentr you can:

  • Advertise your properties
  • Arrange viewings
  • Vet tenants
  • House important rental documents in one place
  • Stay compliant
  • Manage communications

To find out more visit our website or contact the Rentr team today. Coming soon in the Google Play and Apple store.